new moon, new me:

solar eclipse edition

Live Workshop on Saturday June 5 – 3 PM (LA) 6 PM (NYC) 10 PM (LON) / June 6 – 9 AM (SYD)

Every month, I host my interactive New Moon, New Me workshops. Since June's New Moon will also be a Solar Eclipse, this month's edition has been reimagined. I will guide you through energy + shadow work techniques for healing and transmuting; we will carve and anoint magical candles for you to light five days later on the night of the Eclipse; we will enjoy a live energy-cleansing bathsound, a guided meditation, and a magical passage ceremony. All from the comfort of your home.

Gemini is the student of the zodiac: Sagittarius is the teacher. These Eclipses impact us all deeply, regardless of how much or little Gemini or Sagittarius we have in our charts. 

Eclipses happen in the same pair of signs over an 18-month-period. Lunar Eclipses represent endings, Solar Eclipses represent beginnings. The Solar Eclipse in Gemini will be the last Eclipse in this sign in over a decade. This Eclipse Season represents the end of the cycle that began in April 2020, when we began having Eclipses in the Gemini x Sagittarius axis.


A lot has happened since then. A pandemic, major transition and transformation, political crisis, loss, death, uncertainty, the list goes on. This Eclipse Season is a truce 🤝, a rite of passage, and a bridge between that reality and the new beginning we've been waiting for. The worst is over, my love! It's no longer the time to lament why whatever happened happened, but finding the purpose and what it happened for. These Eclipses are our chance to forgive, to shed karma, and to purge trauma.

Eclipses dissolve time and space, so they are powerful times to purge or invoke energy between different realms and planes. I’ve been using Eclipses for years as points of closure and initiation. I use meditation, prayer, chanting, and selected herbs + crystals to perform rituals of passage. I would love to share these and other metaphysical practices with you during this live workshop.


This workshop has been designed for the 12 signs and all proficiencies of astrology.

Your $30.30 investment includes:

  • 2-hour live workshop with me on Saturday June 5th at 3 PM (PST), 6 PM (EST), 10 PM (LON) / Sunday June 6th at 9 AM (SYD).

  • Gorgeous 44-page Eclipse Season Workbook with introspective journal prompts specially curated to prepare you for the workshop and the June 10 Solar Eclipse.

    The workshop will be recorded and sent via e-mail for those who can't join us live.

This workshop is included in Sun + Patreon Cosmos Club memberships.

Link to workshop + printable/digital workbook are sent instantly via e-mail upon purchase.

Read more about Eclipse Season here.