Featuring your digital/printable 88-page October Astrology Journal, including prompts and guidance for:

  • Oct 1st – Aries Full Moon

  • Oct 2nd – Venus into Virgo

  • Oct 13th – Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio

  • Oct 16th – Libra New Moon

  • Oct 27th – Mercury into Libra on

  • Oct 31st – Taurus Full Moon

  • Monthly goals and ambitions

  • Gratitude exercises for the end of the Month

  • All Hallow's Eve

Plus inspiring SMS VIP Cosmic alerts before every moon phase and planetary transits, audio meditations curated for each New and Full Moons of the Month, crystals + apothecary for October, and more!

My monthly experiences are like nothing else in the market. The October Experience includes exclusive video-guidance, audio meditations, prompts, and exercises for the 10/1 Aries Full Moon10/16 Libra New Moon, and 10/31 Taurus Full Moon, plus Mercury Retrograde and every other planet transit. The Sun is in Libra for most of the Month and we have a New Moon in the same sign, so throughout the month, we will work with the energies and themes of Libra, you will learn about your 7th House (ruled by Libra), your Libra House(s), and your Venus.


The October Astrology Journal comes to life with our interactive October Portal, featuring where all the videos, audios, and other goodies are. The feedback I receive from these, month after month, is stellar. All puns intended! My October Experience is transformational astrology made accessible, inspiring, productive, fun, and decoded for your everyday life. It doesn't matter what your Sun Sign (also known as "zodiac sign") is, my experiences are designed for the twelve signs to use every month. Whether you are a beginner or an expert astrologer, I will make you fall in love with the Cosmos!

Content for October:

  • 10/1 Aries Full Moon "I Am Fire", 10/16 Libra New Moon "Light As a Feather", and 10/31 "I Am Pleasure" audio meditations.

  • Essays written with love by yours truly where we explore Libra-themes that everyone can relate to: balance vs. chaos, self-love, reciprocity in relationships, partnerships and more!

  • Mobile-friendly October Portal, which gets updated weekly with new videos, lunar meditations, and audio-guides accordingly. 

  • Audio meditations + mantras for the Waxing Moon (growth period) and Waning Moon (resting and reflecting period).

  • Crystal + Apothecary for October and the New and Full Moons.

  • Exclusive New Moon tarot forecast for your sign video.

  • October-themes Wallpapers and other goodies!

  • Artwork by one of my best friends on Earth from Prism + Fleur Studio.​

Pre-order my October Experience at early-bird price through 9/30 or save more money by buying one of my 3-month bundles, or 6-month VIP Subscriptions.

The October Experience

Astrology x Mindfulness with the Moon and the Cosmos.

The October Experience

The Portal

Our Lunar Journals come to life when you enter our monthly Portal. This is what makes my monthly experiences, well... experiences! Featuring:

  • New inspirational videos-guides every week.

  • Meditations for the New and Full Moons.

  • Accompanying audios for the worksheets exercises.

  • Wallpapers, downloadables, and goodies.

  • Exclusive discount codes for workshops, upcoming e-Classes, and releases.

  • Mobile, tablet, and computer friendly.

Lunar Journals

How it all started. We began this adventure in June 2019 with our very first Cancer Season Workbook. A year later, our workbooks (now 4-week Lunar Journals) have evolved to become the core of a full live-experience. Featuring:


  • 80+ page beautifully designed and curated 4-week Lunar Journal, full of inspirational essays and information about the Sign, Planet, House, New and Full Moon of the Season.

  • Crystals and Apothecary for the Season.

  • Journal Questions for every week and moon phase of the month.

  • Introspective prompts and exercises curated by the energy of the Zodiac Season.

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Gift yourself a whole year discovering, exploring, and falling in love with the Cosmos. Become a Yearly Subscriber and get access to a whole year of Cosmic Experiences at a special price. That's the 12 Zodiac Signs decoded for you month after month: 12 New Moons, 12 Full Moons, and 3 Eclipse Seasons! As a gift, you will get your Sun Sign's printed workbook, worksheets, and calendars printed and delivered to you at the start of your Birthday Season.

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