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live workshop

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Monday Oct 18 – 3 PM (LA) 6 PM (NYC)
11 PM (LON) / Tuesday Oct 19 – 9 AM (SYD)

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For our eighth New Moon, New Me of the year, we work with the upcoming New Moon in Virgo (Sep 7) – the sign of the Goddess, the Virgin, Mother Earth, and fertility. Virgo does not represent virginity in the sense of naïveté or sexual innocence. Nuh-uh! Virginity, as we know it nowadays, is a (very patriarchal) social construct.


For this one-of-a-kind experience, we'll reclaim and redefine the word "virgin". We'll discover and practice with blood magic (we'll be using red painting!), decode the Virgo New Moon and activate your inner Virgo (living in your Sixth House), enjoy a live energy-cleansing bathsound, carve our signature New Moon candles, and more!

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No upcoming events at the moment

** This workshop is included on our Cosmos Club Sun membership.

You can join Cosmos Club here. **

Your ticket includes:

  • 2.5hr live workshop + Q&A with Project Cosmos' founder + editor Miguel Allma via Google Meet on Saturday October 2nd at 3 PM (LA) 6 PM (NYC) 11 PM (LON) / Sunday October 3rd at 9 AM (SYD). *

  • Anointed candle carved with your name, Sun, Moon, and Rising signs to be lighted during the Candle Ceremony. You will see how your candle is lighted live. **

  • Digital/printable Virgo New Moon journal, for the night of the New Moon.

The event will be recorded and sent via e-mail for those who can't join live.

** Make sure to include your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs at checkout so that we can carve your candle in time for the ceremony. Generate your natal chart here to find the sign of your Sun, Moon, and Rising.

This workshop and New Moon is for the 12 signs and for all levels of Astrology proficiency.

Questions? Send us an e-mail with any doubts to

No upcoming events at the moment