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New Moon, new me

New moon in pisces

Interactive Zoom Workshop for the March New Moon

Mar 13 – 2 PM (LA) 5 PM (NYC) 10 PM (LON) / Mar 14 9 AM (SYD)

There's a New Moon in Pisces on March 13th. This is a one-of-kind New Moon workshop + ceremony for March's New Moon. This is an interactive workshop with guided-exercises, guided-journaling sessions, and Q&A's. This experience is designed for the 12 signs. No matter how "much or little" Pisces you have in your birth chart.

During the workshop:


  1. Live Sound Bath Energy Cleansing + Visualization *New*

  2. Prayer circle + Intentions setting *New*

  3. Interactive Live Tarot Reading *New*

  4. Live guided Ancestors ritual *Pisces New Moon Exclusive*

  5. We will discuss spirit guides, divination, the afterlife, and the 12th House – House ofThe Subconscious, the afterlife, Spirit, and psychic energy. These are all Piscean topics and the House ruled by Pisces.

  6. You will learn how to work with New Moons and lunar cycles + you will learn how this New Moon will personally impact you.

  7. You will learn how to work with your 12th House and your Neptune (Pisces' rulers).

  8. We will discuss The Age of Pisces + Organized Religion vs Spirituality.

  9. We will anoint, decorate, and bless candles together using apothecary and crystals for you to light it on the night of the New Moon.*

  10. We close the workshop with a New Moon Ceremony. You will be able to see a custom candle carved with your initials, Sun, Moon, and Rising signs lighted along with that of every other attendee.

* A short list of materials will be sent to you along with your confirmation e-mail. Make sure to get all materials and print your PDF worksheets in time for the workshop.

Your $25.25 e-ticket includes:

  • 120-minute live Workshop + Q&A with Project Cosmos' founder Miguel Allma via Zoom on Saturday March 13th at 2 PM (LA) 5 PM (NYC) 10 PM (LON) / Sunday March 14th at 9 AM (SYD). The entire workshop + Q&A will be recorded and sent via e-mail for those who can't join live.

  • Anointed candle carved with your name, Sun, Moon, and Rising signs to be lighted during the Candle Ceremony. You will see how your candle is lighted live. **

  • Printable New Moon, New Me Worksheets that we will use on the workshop.

** Make sure to include your Date, Time, and Place of Birth at checkout so that we can generate your chart and have your candle ready for the ceremony. Make sure to tune in the workshop from a private, quiet, and safe space where you can move a little.

Limited VIP Tickets Available:

  • Access to New Moon, New Me Workshop – Pisces Zoom Workshop (including Custom Candle + worksheets)

  • Private 30-min Astrology x Tarot reading with me on the week of the New Moon. You will be contacted within 12 hours with a separate link to book your private session.

This workshop and New Moon is for the 12 signs and for all levels of Astrology proficiency.

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