Aries Season – Waking Up: Rituals

Updated: Apr 4

Sun Into Aries:

March 20th at 2:37 AM (Los Angeles) 5:37 AM (New York) 9:37 AM (London) 8:37 PM (Sydney) 10:37 PM (New Zealand)

It’s a new day, it’s a new zodiac season, and you’re feeling good! Flowers bloom, bees think of making baby bees, and Mother Nature wakes us all up from hibernation*, the long nap also known as Pisces Season. It was all a dream, baby. It didn't happen and at the same time, it did. Move your fingers, move your toes, gently pinch yourself, and open your eyes: you're in a new plane, a new dimension now. With the Sun living in fiery Aries, we will be infused with the necessary vitality, curiosity, and drive to build our most glorious year yet. I'm so hyped!

Aries Season also marks the beginning of the New Astrological Year. A fresh twelve-month journey across the zodiac begins now. Our souls will have a taste of each of the celestial archetypes, from Aries all the way through Pisces. If New Moons represent a new page, the start of the New Cosmic Year represents a new book. Aries Season brings in you the spark of inspiration and the energy you need to get any job done. Humanity greatly benefits by the enthusiasm, leadership, and adventure that the Sun in Aries makes run through our veins. Aries babes typically have bucket loads of energy and are up for an adventure and exploring new galaxies: their confidence in their internal compass (when they remember to check what direction they’re heading) is inspiring, warm, and contagious. Think Lady GaGa, Mariah Carey, and Quentin Tarantino, all Aries Sun natives.

*Babes in the Southern Hemisphere will also start the New Astro Year with the Sun in Aries, however they will celebrate the Fall Equinox instead of the Spring.

Aries, the Ram:

Aries is the first fire sign of the zodiac. Represented by the Ram, always active and on the go, Aries babes are known for their need to move, be first, try new things, and make things happen. The Ram stands alone, empowered from within, unafraid of any obstacle. In the Tarot deck, the Ram resembles the Divine Fool the fearless adventurer, always excited about existence itself, and ready to live life to the fullest – also, the first card of the tarot. Aries relentlessly explores the unknown, pushes ahead with life and invites us to seek for exciting new opportunities. Both the Divine Fool and the Ram are naive and enthusiastic about beginning the journey of life and eagerly set out to explore the world. This is the new beginning you've been waiting for, baby! The Ram invites us to greet every new day with enthusiasm, gratitude, and alertness. Always ready, always motivated. You never know what blessings may be waiting for you today.

Aries Season activates your First House:

Aries rules the First House, House of the Self. Aries Season is your time to evaluate your sense identity and your relationship with yourself: What are your most defining traits? What do people recognize you for? What makes you awesome? What are your best selling points? Start this Aries journey by getting awareness of the invaluable qualities, abilities, victories, and intentions that make you who you are in the present moment. Who were you 10 years ago? Who do you want to be now? Who will you be in 10, 20, and 50 years from now?

During this Aries season, I want you to absolutely reclaim your relationship with yourself: I want you to become your number one fan, friend, and ally. I want you to get more familiar with your worth, so that you can look at the brand new year ahead of us and only declare goals and intentions worthy of you. The next 11 houses will be directly affected by your sense of worth: you will only ask for the best of the best, when you realize you also are the best of the best.

Aries Season activates your Solar Plexus Chakra:

Aries is connected to Manipura (your Solar Plexus Chakra). Our Solar Plexus is linked to both Sun and Mars (Aries ruler). This helps understand how Aries babes can be so fearless, curious, and passionate. Think of fire and the red that comes from both Mars and the Sun. Our Solar Plexus influences our willpower, vitality levels, and confidence. To work with your Solar Plexus, stand under the Sun, hold a Carnelian (more info below) close to your bellybutton and repeat out loud possitive self-affirmations. Here's a few mantras to help you get started:

Aries Season activates your Mars:

Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet of action, energy, and initiative, the celestial body that guides what we do, and how we do it. Mars represents our masculine polarity. We all, regardless of gender and sexual orientation, have both polarities within us. Ou Natal Mars will give us information on how we embody our Yang (masculine polarity), how we can heal it, and how we can empower it. Find the sign of your Mars here.

Considered a pioneer and a penetrator of new territory, just like the Ram, Mars gets his fame from being the first planet outside the Earth’s orbit around the Sun. During Aries Season, your Mars will make you think of new ideas, make thins happen in the moment, and explore new territories. "Fear" and "limitations" are not in your vocabulary. Your Mars wants you to live loud, free of fear, and free of shame. Aries Season is an invitation to love and express yourself: the louder, the better! Are you being authentic? Who is the real you? Do people really get to know you? What are the lies you tell about yourself and to yourself? What are the things you are most proud of and that you want the world to know and celebrate? And most importantly, what can you do to make sure that you are living in your own truth, working in the direction of your own dreams, and letting the world know who you are?

Aries Season Rituals:

Design a morning ritual:

Rituals are the structure we need in this chaotic world. When uncertainty and challenges show up, well-established rituals will provide you with the security and familiarity you need to reclaim control. Think of your rituals as the rock you can always come back to. Everything (and everyone) around you may change, your rituals won't.

The healthy (and best) way to implement rituals (or any new habits) into your routine is to go easy and progressively. Start by setting-up daily reminders to "drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up" or "think of 3 things you're grateful for today". I insist, baby: add just one new habit per week. A week later (and a week after that), you can add a few more items into your routine. Make it simple, make it enjoyable, make it so that you will feel motivated to come back to it every day.

Here's a few ideas (from my morning and night rituals):

  • Gratitude prayer: Thank you God/Universe/Ancestors/Divine for another day and for...

  • Apply moisturizer + sunscreen

  • Visualize myself achieving my goal of the day

  • Apply hands cream

  • Meditate

  • Mental note: 3 things I'm grateful for today

  • Picking my outfit for tomorrow

  • 30 mins without checking my phone

  • Try a new color of nail polish today

  • Brush my cat's hair

  • 15 minutes of exercise in my room

  • Mental note: 1 thing I will achieve today

  • Pulling one tarot card to meditate with

  • Journaling

  • Making myself a healthy breakfast

Reinvent yourself:

Try a new look, a haircut, or wardrobe. It's been an entire year locked up and we can now finally see a light at the end of the tunnel. While I doubt things will go back to normal this year (if anything, I don't think we'll ever go back to the "normal" we used to know – it just wasn't working for everyone...), vaccines are a reality now, we know so much more about this virus today, and temperatures are starting to rise. This is a fantastic time to reinsert yourself into... well.. society Lol I want you out (safely), I want you radiant, I want people to see you and be like I want that for myself too! Beauty comes from the inside, but it can work both ways: external stimulation boosts our self-esteem, reduces our cortisol levels, makes us glow even more, which at the same time will stimulate you take care of yourself. It's a beautiful domino effect. Aries is adventurous and fearless: channel your inner ram and try a new haircut, a new color, new nails, try that lipstick color you haven't dared to try yet, renew your wardrobe, get a new pair of shoes, show a new side of you. *Who is she? She's fabulous, that's all you need to know!*

Vision Boards:

With New Moons, we make a list of goals and intentions and focus on one or two Houses per month. This way, If you work with the New Moon monthly, you will have covered your 12 Houses within a one-year period. With the March Equinox (the start of Aries Season), we take a look at the bigger picture. Set mid and long-term goals, renew your yearly resolutions, go House by House, make vision boards. If you'd like to plan accordingly, you can find the dates of the upcoming New and Full Moons and Eclipses here.

Outdoor Sports:

If you're not a big fan of sports, the simple of spending time outdoors is a good starting point. Ruled by Mars (the planet of vitality, energy, and action), Aries will make you want to move. The best way to harness this energy is through physical activity under our lovely vitamin-D-boosting Sun: cycling, running, yoga, pilates, dancing, hiking, climbing, trekking. You get the idea. Gyms are fine, outdoors sports, however, are a whole more fulfilling experience.

Start an Entrepreneurship:

Aries Season is synonym of pioneering, optimism, and adventure. I guarantee you that you're not only good but great at lots of things and that you could (and some may argue that you should) be making big profit from it. Business models have changed dramatically since the pandemic. Virtual markets, conferences, events, and beyond have given us creators the chance to expand build business without the need for traditional big capital, locations, and inventory. Tools like Zoom and Canva and platforms like Instagram, Etsy, and Patreon have changed the game. This is a splendid time for you to invest time and energy in a new major project or business venture. I'm not saying get a one-million-dollar loan and try your luck. I'm saying brainstorm, create a plan, get feedback from loved ones (and other entrepreneurs), start making calls, start making a budget, start creating. You don’t have to know every detail about how you will navigate this new territory to start, but you will gain information when you’re in motion that you absolutely won't get by standing still. Learning on the fly and learning from direct experience are positive ways to engage the Sun in Aries and get stagnant projects off the ground. You got this, babe.

Relationships Inventory:

Aries' polarity is Libra. Every Aries Season' Full Moon is always in Libra. Libra rules our Seventh House – House of Relationships and Partnerships. Unlike New Moons, Full Moons serve us to let go, purge, and release. Aries Season, especially around the time of the Full Moon, is a time to make an inventory of the different relationships, partnerships, and dynamics present in our lives. Who is due their time? Who is not treating you equally? Where is there no reciprocity? Write a list of names that are keeping you stagnant and blocking you from moving forward. I'm not saying unfollow or block everyone (which in the heat or impulsivity of the moment may seem like a good idea to some), but make sure to know who's with you and who isn't in this new journey that you're starting.

Crystal for Aries Season – Carnelian:

Sacred stone of passion, courage, and vitality, protector of all fire signs. Carnelians invoke the fire within us, igniting our passion and purpose. They're great for making bold decisions, setting boundaries, and self-expression. I hold a Carnelian close to my heart or throat chakra while repeating positive affirmations or mantras before speaking in front of an audience or having an important business meeting. Carnelians are also great for declaring ambitious, daring, and creative goals and plans with the Spring Equinox or the Aries New Moon. When you feel a spark of creativity or inspiration, light a candle and place your Carnelian at the base of it. Once the candle has burned out, you can place the crystal on your heart. This magically invokes the fire within.

Aries Season Playlist:

Get your Aries groove on with my Aries Season playlist. Featuring anthems for self-empowerment, action, stamina, and optimism by Aries Queens Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Lady GaGa, Fergie, and others. Listen here.

Aries Workshop – for all signs:

Join me to celebrate and decode the Aries New Moon live via Zoom on Saturday April 10. We will work with your Aries House + your 1st House, practice runic candle magick, perform a New Moon ritual, a prayer circle, and more. Get more info + tickets here.


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