New Moon in Pisces: Lunar Guide + Horoscopes (March 2021)

Updated: Mar 12

New Moon at 26° Pisces

Mar 13 – 2:21 AM (LA) 5:21 AM (NYC) 10:21 AM (LON)

Mar 14 – 9:21 PM (SYD)

In Astrology, when two celestial bodies meet at the same point in the sky, it is known as a Conjunction. When the Sun conjuncts the Moon, it creates a New Moon. The Sun is in Pisces (from Feb 18 to Mar 20) and the Moon will meet him at 26° Pisces on March 13 (exact time above), creating a New Moon in this sign.

Pisces, Latin for 'fish', is the last sign of the zodiac and represents our final stage of incarnated life. This New Moon is the twelfth and last of a 12-New-Moons cycle across the zodiacs. In Pisces territory we turn inward, enter the transpersonal arena of reality, leave logic and thinking behind, and return to our Source. We enter the mystery zone of the Unknown, the Unseen, and unconditional Love. Science says humans use only 10% of our brain. Pisces invites us into the other 90%, which is available only in meditation and prayer using our inner senses. Pisces takes us into the mystical/quantum physics world where everything is fluid and connected. In Pisces territory we enter the unconscious, the subconscious, the imagination, the dream world, the other side, and the primal world of emotions and instincts.

In the Pisces phase of our evolutionary journey, we move beyond our physical plane activity. Our focus is on breaking free from material desires, earthly attachments, and identification with beliefs and groups. Our goal is to move our consciousness towards union with the Infinite, the Divine, Spirit, God. To merge our identity with God, we must relinquish ego control trips and personality defined concerns. This New Moon wants you to expand your consciousness, transcend your personal identity, and become one with the Divine. With awareness of the Infinite, Pisces prepares us for the last phase of our journey, when we will detach from the material world and our bodies, and our soul will return Home.

Read more about Piscean energy here.

The Two Fish:

Pisces is represented by two fish: one fish swims with Spirit, the other follows a secular path in the material plane.

The Piscean archetype is represented by two fish, loosely tethered together. Although they appear to be swimming in opposite directions, they must swim together or they won't get anywhere. One fish swims with Spirit. The other follows a secular path in the material plane. They are always connected. The Pisces' fish teach us that Spirit and physical reality are inexorably bound to each other.

Living in both dimensions of reality is challenging, because both fish can get lost in the dysfunctions of their respective domains. If our Divine fish in lost is the clouds of fantasies, it is not going to be very supportive in infusing Spirit into our earthly endeavors. Disappearing into fantasy land is the nemesis of our Spirit fish, that doesn't know how to consciously connect with Infinite energies without getting lost. As the symbol of the two fish indicates, we need help from the non-physical world - our guides, our soul and the Universe - to navigate our life. We block assistance if we are drugged on mental, emotional, and physical addictions. When we feel the arms of Divine Love embrace our life, we awaken to the reality of unlimited possibilities - to the treasures that are available to us if both our fish are willing, and able, to stay authentically connected to the Infinite realm in physical reality. Nothing extraordinary is going to happen in our rational mind. When our consciousness is limited to our thoughts, our spiritual fish is blindly pulled along by our earthly fish. To become aware of Divine Love, our spiritual fish has to wake-up, stay awake and actively participate in our daily lives. It is the juice and love of our spiritual fish that creates quantum shifts in our consciousness and physical existence.

The role of our Spirit fish is to make our personal Divine Connection conscious and real. As we learn to flow with our Spirit fish, we realize that the Divine is not just an escape route or a big daddy delivering free lunches. The Divine is Love. When our Spirit and earthly fish swim together, the nature of our physical experience is transformed. As we engage in activities that make the experience of higher love palpable to our earthly vehicle, we experience the Divine presence. Kindness, service, and compassion, for example, help us cultivate an experience of higher, non-physical love.

New Moon Practices:

The Pisces New Moon invites us to take time out from our incessant doing, business, and incessant activities to simply relax and be present to our energy, moods, and state of feeling. Pisces territory includes downtime, playtime, artistic creativity, meditation, and dreams. Too often devalued in our activity-oriented society, relaxing activities are not a frivolous waste of time, but required essentials for our health and well-being. To give more than lip service to the importance of finding inner peace, we have to spend time cultivating our inner faculties of listening, awareness, and feeling in our personal meditation practice.

I. Set Goals & Intentions:

New Moons are our monthly chance to let the Universe know exactly what we want. On the night of the New Moon, write a list of goals and intentions for the next six months. After every New Moon, there's a Full Moon in the same sign six months later: that's your chance to look back, check how your manifestation did, and celebrate your progress. This year's Full Moon in Pisces is on September 20. Make vision boards, write to-do lists, and make short-to-mid-term plans with friends and loved ones. You're designing the life of your dreams, making monthly arrangements.

Pisces rules the 12th House – Home of your the subconscious, imagination, creativity, your dreams, secrets, karma, fears, and spirituality. The New Moon is inviting you to pay attention to this life area. This New Moon happens exactly at 26° Pisces. Check my Natal Chart Generator to create yours and go to 26° Pisces to find exactly which of your Houses will be activated by this New Moon. This is the life area where new energy is about to flow. Work with both your 12th House and this House throughout the next lunar cycle (the upcoming four weeks). Set goals and intentions accordingly, here's a few ideas.

II. Fasting:

Short periods of not eating (fasting) offer a way of cleansing the body and preparing the mind for greater focus. When you fast, your body takes a rest and healing occurs. A lot of people who regularly fast say that their days of fasting help them see things more clearly and with a new perspective. Fasting gives you an opportunity to live your day in a different way – with greater reflection -- a time for peace of body and spirit, and a closer connection to Source. Your fast will be even more pleasant if you spend at least part of your day outdoors, walking in nature, creating art, writing in your personal journal, listening to inspiring music, or doing devotional reading.

Fasting on the day of the New Moon greatly increases your energy and boosts your health. Yogis don’t do their regular yoga practice during the new moon, but instead maintain a fast and use the day for quiet walks, meditation, and prayer. This is a wonderful way they have of connecting with the Divine.

III. Work with your Ancestors:

Another realm (the Pisces realm) where our ancestors and other spirit beings "live" exists. From there, our ancestors remain active participants in our lives. As they've gained greater spiritual perspective and insight in the afterlife, they can (and want to) provide us with wisdom, miracles, and gifts. In a way, ancestors become your (and your other living loved ones) own guardian angels. They can also serve as intermediaries between humans and a supreme being. Connecting with our loved ones and ancestors should not be feared, nor left only to exclusive or “gifted” people. Everyone can (and should) work with their ancestors. New Moons are a great time to make connection.

Designate a space at home where you can create an altar that has their picture, your offerings, and candles that may be lit when you wish to connect. Or simply dedicate a candle to your ancestors that is lit on their birth date, death date, and special occasions. As you light the ancestor candle or offer food/drink to your loved ones, begin to communicate with them. You may pray to them or simply have a conversation with them. I usually go with the latter. This is also how I speak to God and my angels. Always with respect, of course, but I do speak to them from the warmest, most loving, and safest space. I speak to them the same way I speak with my mom, for example, when I'm asking for advice. In the same spirit, be open to their messages back to you.

Many cultures believe that our ancestors appreciate having an offering made to them. In some cultures, this means offering flowers, fruits, chocolate, tobacco, or their favorite foods or drinks. I've tried them all. Buying their favorite chocolate or bringing an object they loved in life are my go-to as they feel the most personal.

Every time you communicate with your loved ones – whether or not you receive something tangible from him or her – be sure to express your appreciation for their love and support. And don’t forget that they need your help too! Sending your love and light their way is an excellent first step. Praying for them or continuing to work on something they were working on during their lives are also great ways to connect with them. As you begin to communicate, feel their energy, and understand the messages, you can ask them what help or assistance is needed on their end.

Try these and other cool spiritual practices live with me on the day of the New Moon (Mar 13)! We will celebrate and decode the Pisces New Moon for all signs, work with your Pisces House, your ancestors, and magick. Learn more here.

New Moon Horoscopes:

Check the forecast for your Rising and Moon signs.

To find out your planets and houses, click here.


Aries, I'm not going to lie. This New Moon isn't exactly your thing. Be patient though, baby. A New Moon in your sign, while kicking off a brand new Astrological Year is around the corner, so use these weeks to rest, heal, and prepare for YOUR season. Literally only a week ahead. This New Moon may fill you with an overwhelming need to be alone, take a backseat, and focus on your inner-self. The time is ripe for some therapy, introspection, or to deal with suppressed emotions. Not a time for high energy and action, but one for dreams, inspiration, diving into the subconscious, and recharging. Especially with Neptune sitting strongly in this House. Secrets may be revealed, truths may be exposed, and intuition will for sure heightened. Use this time to recharge. You may experience soul messages through premonitions and vivid dreams. A dreams journal next to your bed is always handy.


First things first, update your Tinder + social media photos, please and thank you. This New Moon is urging you to be be social, outgoing, and put yourself absolutely out there. The energy in your social circles, networks, and links to your community is going through major make-over at this time. This is a great time to connect with your friends (and make new ones), reunite and catch up with peers from college (which should help the inevitable feelings of nostalgia that Neptune is adding to your House of Friendships), and be hopeful about the future. Write love-letters to your future-self, make vision boards for the next 10 years.

Feeling lonely over the weekend? Gift yourself the chance to connect with your community by donating clothes, money, or your time. We are never really alone, baby. There's plenty of people out there who'd love to have your company.


Opportunity is knocking at your door, sis. It's up to you whether you'll open or not. Put special attention to your public image, professional reputation, and career-life. Pisces and Neptune can make things a little blurry, so make sure to know all the facts before signing anything, however you're in for a period of professional and career expansion. You want more at this time, whether it is rewards, recognition, responsibility, a promotion, a new job, or or simply more meaning and purpose as you seriously re-assess your value in society. Are you in the right career, following the right path in life? Do you deserve more? What's it gonna be, baby? Will I hear about you in the news in the future, yes or no?


This New Moon happens in water-sign-sister Pisces, so you should be able to navigate these waters smoothly. This New Moon is renewing the energy in your House of Philosophy, Religion, and Morals. Your horizons will broaden during this six-month period, especially the first four weeks. You may meet friends from foreign lands, a travel or cultural opportunity may knock at your door, or a higher-education offer may show up. Whichever is the case, your mind is destined to be influenced and broadened at this time. This New Moon's mission is to help you see the greater picture. Spend this time journaling and redefining past experiences and events. Give an higher meaning to everything that's happened before and brought you here. Stop being so judgmental and harsh on yourself, and start to see life from a more positive, optimistic, and uplifting lens.


The way you deal with joint finances, pensions, tax, loans and mortgages is changing. This is a good time to put in place plans that will provide more security for you and your loved ones. It’s also aa time of deep introspection and emotional with the Moon and Neptune transiting your Eight House, so let those feelings and emotions and do their thang. Tears? Nostalgia? Uncertainty? That's the Pisces in you swimming deeper into your deepest oceans. Dark fears and deep emotions surrounding issues of power and control may come to the surface, but they're allies pointing you towards the right direction. Journaling is greatly encourage at this time.


The New Moon marks a new beginning with an important other, be it business or romantic. GET IT, BABY. A new partnership may be on the horizon, or a new contract may be needed. Possibilities include setting up a business or partnership with someone, settling down together, or increased mutual love and respect. This New Moon may also forecast relationships ending to make room for someone new. This is not a time to close the doors, but to open them. Try not to let the stresses and worries from everyday keep you from enjoying yourself at this time, Virgo. You aren't only allowed to let loose every once in a while, but encouraged! Give yourself permission to spend time with a loved one.


How's your daily routine? Is your schedule working for you? Is your morning ritual motivating you enough? How clean are you with your body, time, and spaces? This New Moon wants to reinvent your Sixth House of Health, Habits, and Work. Your wellbeing is about to take center stage, be it physical or mental. Plan a healthy routine that will help you kickoff the New Astrological Year (Mar 20) with the right foot. Issa great time to start a new fitness regime, remove sugar from your diet, get your yearly medical-check, and Spring cleaning. The New Moon in your Sixth House may also announce the arrival of a new pet, work colleague, or employee into your life. Welcome them with open arms! With your mother, Venus, in the Sixth House, this may be a soulmate in disguise! ;)


The need for self-expression is strong, Scorpio. This will only increase with Mercury joining the party happening in your Fifth House on Monday. Creativity and play are the best way to harness this energy. Spend time with kids or your friends from childhood. If you have children of your own, this is a splendid opportunity to let them lead the way. Do things that will let your inner child come out. I want you to have fun, stop caring what others might say, get your hands dirty, and laugh until your belly hurts. You need this, you deserve this, you're destined for it! If you're trying to get pregnant, you know what to do. ;) The New Moon is planting seeds in your House of Children, after-all.

For the not really children-oriented, like myself, this New Moon may turn what you love (your hobby, your passion, your art) into your life’s work or inspire you to take a gamble with your heart. Following your heart right now may surprise you and lead you to where your head hasn't been able to.


Sagi, while I love your adventurous, jet-setter, and let's-get-drunk-ass, this New Moon is urging you to turn off your phone and stay in. This lunation brings renewed focus into your home, family, and living situation. Perhaps you are planning to move, enhance, or renovate your place? Maybe you want to spend time with your parents and open up more about deep emotions while you're at it? Plans for a better work/life balance start taking shape and magically align around this time. Your intuition is also stronger at this time. Your sense of belonging deepens when you connect to your past, roots, ancestors, and even what your home country means to you. Mother-daughter conversations are extremely encouraged.


With Mercury joining the Piscean party on Monday, you can rest assured your brain is about to go through major upgrade, Capri. You're going from iOS 20 to iOs 21, baby. I know you love the sound of that! Your mind is being re-wired, you are hungry for knowledge and intellect. Perhaps you will decide to go back to school or be trained in a new field​. New thought patterns and modes of communication may also emerge and you might develop a fresh new way of looking at social media, podcasts, videos, and journaling. Perhaps you will simply discover new technology that changes your day-to-day or may need to go on an unexpected trip. Let life surprise you! Your Third House (the one being activated by this New Moon, Venus, and Neptune) brings out your most dynamic, versatile, and curious self. A new turn of events in the local neighborhood, with your siblings, schoolmates, or extended family may also surprise you.


Your values, finances, and sense of resourcefulness and self-worth are experiencing a reboot, Aquarius. This is likely about your disposable income, with new opportunities coming your way or a strong desire to increase your earnings. MAKE THAT MONEY, HONEY. Repeat loud after me: "THANK YOU UNIVERSE FOR ALL THE RESOURCES, ABUNDANCE, AND PROSPERITY YOU ARE FILLING MY LIFE WITH. THANK YOU FOR ALLOWING ME TO BUILD THE LIFE OF MY DREAMS, THE LIFE THAT I DESERVE." This time could also signal an important new purchase or investment. If you've been waiting for a divine sign, THIS IS IT, baby. Be open to change in this sphere of life, ask yourself “how” questions to open the door to novel approaches and solutions, then plan a budget and follow it through to get what exactly you want. Your self-esteem is destined to improve as a result of your new initiatives and ambitions.


This may sound extremely cliché, but this really is a time for a new you! LOL It's a New Moon in YOUR sign, after all! This is the Universe's invitation to reinvent yourself. Gift yourself a make over in looks and appearance, health and life path. Everything is possible when you focus on what you can change in yourself! The First House strongly involves a sense of self, your appearance, body, and personal power. You may experience a desire to firm up your stance by claiming “I am” with self-defining acts or plans. I LOVE THIS FOR YOU! You are likely to become more aware of what helps you feel personally fulfilled in life, what makes you special and unique, what makes you shine. Opportunities to express your true self are likely to abound. The only challenge you should face around this time is to balance personal initiation and identity with meaningful relationships in your life. As a Libra Sun and Rising, I'm all for a little vanity and narcissism, just make sure not to pull a Narcissus, baby!


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