Gemini Season Logo.png

Week 1 - Reset: New Moon (4/22-25)

Themes: Taurus, New Moon in Taurus, and The 2nd House.

Week 2 - Reclaim: 1st Quarter Moon (4/26-5/2)

Themes: First Quarter Moon in Leo, Venus, Pleasure x Manifestation.

Week 3 - Release: Full Moon (5/3-9)

Themes: Full Moon in Scorpio, Sex Magick, Intimacy.

Workshop: Venus, Saturn, and Jupiter Retrograde

Interview: "Pleasure, Sensuality, and Sex Magick" with Lorrae from Slutty Girl Problems

Week 4 - Reflect: Waning Moon (5/10-16)

Themes: Gratitude, Last Quarter Moon, Blockages in Manifestation.

Interview: "Manifestation x Shadow Work" with Jo from Sweet Fire Soul Revival